Blue Skies
Our soul, our true self, is the most mysterious, essential, and magical dimension of our being.

 ​-Gabrielle Roth


Holistic Life Coach For Women - Mona Kirstein. Ph.D.

Mona Kirstein, Ph.D., is on a mission to inspire others to live consciously and rediscover their true selves.


As a lover of words and believer in the combined power of science and spirituality, Mona encourages self-exploration and owning our unique strengths, just as she has done in her own life.


She challenges traditional notions of truth and invites us to examine our beliefs and habits of living in alignment with our authentic selves. 

Through her work as a writer and coach, Mona provides the tools and resources needed to help women step into their greatness.


She offers a fresh and innovative perspective on holistic health and wellness, mindfulness, personal development, psychospiritual integration, Higher Self connection, and relationships.

Mona loves living in Hawaii on the beautiful island of O'ahu. She feels incredibly lucky to have found such a special place to call home.


Mona is married and childfree by choice, and she enjoys traveling, organizing, minimalist design, nontoxic living, DIY projects, and macro photography. She is passionate about lifelong learning and feels that every day is an opportunity to grow and expand her knowledge. Mona believes that we all have the power to create our own happiness, and she strives to live her life in a way that is authentic, joyful, and meaningful.

Professional Background, Expertise & Qualifications
  • Founder of several successful multimedia / IT companies 

  • Master's Degree in Information Processing

  • Ph.D. in (Computational) Linguistics

  • Certified Business Manager (DAM)

  • Certified Holistic Health Coach (AFPA)

  • Certified Health & Wellness Coach (AFPA)

  • Certified Holistic Nutritionist (AFPA)

  • Other selected certifications and completed courses:

    • Biohacking Your Brain's Health (Emory University)

    • The Science of Success (University of Michigan)

    • Understanding the Brain: The Neurobiology of Everyday Life (University of Chicago)

    • The Growth Mindset (UC Davis)

    • The Arts and Science of Relationships: Understanding Human Needs (University of Toronto)

    • Wellness and Healing with Plants and Herbs (AFPA)

    • Nonviolent Communication (NVC) Workshop

  • Enjoying life at home in Hawaii

  • A new writing project

  • Working on this travel blog

  • Reading "Your World Shifts"

  • Trying new plant-based recipes

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My story

From all appearances, my early adult life showed signs of 'success' and happiness. In 2009, I married a great partner, graduated with a Ph.D., and was preparing for a career in the computer science industry. I was strong, got things done, and didn’t listen to people or circumstances that slowed me down. Everything seemed to be going my way. I even got the opportunity to move to Hawaii (a dream come true!) shortly after graduating and I went for it.

Sounds like the perfect life, right? But something was off. Even with everything going to plan, I seemed to be reaching an emotional dead end. For some reason, I wasn’t happy. The universe was telling me things weren’t right.

​We all come to a point when we need to make changes in our lives, and I was now facing one of those times. I knew I had to make some changes. But how?

I started looking deeper into my life. I noticed I was spending most of my time with my husband and doing more than my share of social drinking, eating badly, and hanging out with people I didn’t feel close to, just so I wouldn’t be alone. I began to see more clearly that these choices were based on fears that had been steering me in the wrong direction for years until I faced an emotional dead end.


I knew I had come to a crossroads, and I had to choose what made me happy, but I knew that pursuing what my heart and soul wanted was a profoundly different path - and it would be terrifying. It would put me in unfamiliar territory, bringing up intense fears of the unknown and a loss of safety and security.

I could now feel how easy it was for my fears to dictate the decisions I made, but I had to chart a new path. I didn’t know exactly how things would go, but I HAD to follow through.

I Began by Looking at My Physical Health

I was constantly tired, had a lot of allergies and ongoing stomach problems. I wasn’t overweight, but my body had lot of excess body fat and I didn’t feel healthy.


I decided to start running. As usual, I was never lazy about getting things done, so after a few weeks, I committed to a 90-day intense boot camp. The pain was intense, and I consistently butt up against what my body and mind told me: stay at home, don’t do the work, relax in bed. But I knew I had to change to grow, so I kept going. 

Over time, I noticed I was growing stronger in body and mind after each session, and I felt a positive flow of emotions that fed me into the next session.

I then decided to change my food intake by switching to a whole foods, plant-based diet. I lost 22 lbs and not only looked better than any other time of my life, I felt better inside! I felt STRONG. I felt healthy in my body and mind and more powerful than I had ever felt my life.


Most important of all, I felt pride in my progress and mental strength. Not only did I see that real, deep improvement was possible within me, I also felt emotionally lighter and had more fun building healthy habits.

My Limiting Beliefs and Self-Confidence

The next step on my journey brought me face-to-face with love life.


My husband was a kind, a great partner. We enjoyed adventures together and we were a fantastic team. We even built a successful business together. But there was a problem under the surface: I knew I didn’t feel a connection to him stronger than a dear friend.


When we married I was OK with this. I desired safety, emotional security, and friendship to such a degree that they overruled love and passion. But I knew I wasn’t listening to my heart and soul and had to make a change.

It was terrifying, painful, bumpy and exhausting, but I knew our marriage had to end. I plunged myself into a massive fear of being alone, but kept faith that happiness would win, with or without a partner. I wasn’t sure where I would live, if our business would survive, what I would do if it didn’t, and if I would ever truly feel 'safe' again.


Even with these intense emotions, I knew listening to fears had taken me down the wrong path over and over again, so I began the scary and painful journey of divorce.


In this experience and all others, I was grateful to rediscover my internal strength. Dormant for so many years, it was sitting there all along, waiting. I finally felt connected to my Higher Self again, and it guided me in creating my own happiness. Taking soul-aligned action was the right thing and I experienced, once again, that the Universe always has my back.


By letting go of what no longer served me, I was making room for new opportunities that were truly aligned with my desires.

​​It took courage to sacrifice safety to get to where I needed to be, but I was proud to see I had that courage within me. And in the end, I got everything I wanted. I still have the same business and a great relationship with my ex-husband, I started more soul-aligned businesses, married the man of my dreams, and am living each day with a healthy mind and spirit.

On my journey, I learned more valuable lessons. I discovered that the answer to my “issues” was not other people or circumstances – it was me. I had chosen to listen to fears and limiting beliefs because it felt safe and natural at the time, but I didn’t know it would create a false existence that wasn’t me.


The process of rewiring wasn't quick or easy. It put me face to face with fears that told me to seek safety and security and simply be happy with the life I had. But steadily, with the help of books, healthy habits, courses and coaches, I was able to rewire my brain and reawaken my true self. 


​Doing this work taught me that changing my beliefs, shifting my perception and taking soul-aligned action leads to true happiness.




I learned that the process of rediscovering my true self is just that… a process. It takes time, but each step is a step forward. The path may not be straight, but the journey  leads to a soul-aligned life. 

I look forward to guiding you and helping you experience the same bountiful gifts that come from listening to your soul and ignoring the internal script you have written over so many years. Each of us has a purpose, and it's a story our hearts and souls already know. But we are here to live it, too.

Love, Mona