Guiding Ambitious Women to Holistic Wellbeing, Conscious Living, and Business Success
through The Wholehearted Path™

Mona Kirstein, Ph.D.

Serial Entrepreneur, Digital Strategist,
Certified Holistic Coach & Consultant, Health & Wellness Expert

Mona Kirstein, Ph.D.

Professional Background

As an experienced entrepreneur and digital strategist, I’ve navigated the challenging terrains of building and scaling businesses. From the initial spark of an idea to the daily grind of operational challenges, as well as mastering SEO and digital marketing techniques, I’ve learned the importance of resilience, adaptability, and strategic decision-making.

My experiences have not only refined my business expertise but also underscored the importance of holistic well-being in achieving and maintaining success. It’s my passion to share these insights, tools, and strategies to help fellow female entrepreneurs thrive in their ventures.

As a Certified Holistic Health & Wellness Coach, I have undergone specialized training in guiding individuals toward vibrant well-being and holistic transformation. With a deep passion for supporting individuals on their transformative journeys, I bring a unique blend of expertise to my coaching practice.

With two decades of experience as a serial entrepreneur and digital strategist, I’ve founded multiple successful multimedia and IT companies, always closely involved in the software development aspects, leveraging my coding skills to drive innovation. This deep immersion in both the entrepreneurial and technical sides has given me extensive and varied expertise

Throughout these years, I’ve faced and overcome a myriad of personal and professional challenges, which have provided me with a holistic perspective that’s invaluable in today’s dynamic business environment.

At the core of my approach is a blend of strategic thinking, adept problem-solving, and a knack for innovative solutions. I’m passionate about sharing my knowledge, and ensuring fellow entrepreneurs have the tools and insights they need to flourish in their ventures.

My academic background in Information Technology /Information Processing, coupled with my Ph.D. in Computer Science (Natural Language Processing / Computational Linguistics), has not only provided me with a strong foundation for understanding human communication and cognitive processes but has also empowered me with the ability to harness data for insightful business decisions.

The skills I’ve cultivated allow me to extract valuable consumer insights, optimize technology-driven business solutions, and remain ahead in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

This unique blend of knowledge amplifies my skills as a coach and positions me as a trusted strategist in the digital business landscape. Equipped with this dual expertise, I’m able to provide both clarity in personal transformations and precision in business decisions, ensuring holistic success for individuals.

Merging my rich academic background with holistic coaching principles, I’ve crafted a unique methodology that deeply understands the intricate links between language, cognition, and well-being. This synergy allows me to recognize and harness the profound interplay of these factors, delivering a comprehensive approach tailored to individual needs.

Beyond addressing apparent concerns, I dive into the root causes, unveiling deeper challenges and opportunities. This ensures not just transient changes but profound and sustainable transformations, in both personal well-being and business pursuits.

  • Biohacking Your Brain’s Health (Emory University)
  • The Science of Success (University of Michigan)
  • Understanding the Brain: The Neurobiology of Everyday Life (University of Chicago)
  • The Growth Mindset (UC Davis)
  • The Arts and Science of Relationships: Understanding Human Needs (University of Toronto)
  • Wellness and Healing with Plants and Herbs (AFPA)
  • Nonviolent Communication (NVC) Workshop
  • Currently preparing for my NBHWC certification

A Glimpse Into My Personal Life

I call Hawaii home – a place that inspires me daily. While I am fortunate to live in paradise, I enjoy traveling the world with my husband and immersing myself in new cultures and landscapes.

Embracing the principles of minimalism and organization, I have cultivated a deep appreciation for simplicity in all aspects of life. Yes, I’m that person who travels the globe with only a carry-on, even on trips that span several months!

I’m a bit of a nerd at heart who loves exploring the realms of data, algorithms, and scientific research. My passion for knowledge has led me to establish over five companies and develop more than 100 apps. But my curiosity doesn’t stop there. I’m also fascinated by personal development and holistic well-being. I embrace a multidimensional approach to understanding myself and the world around me, including not only intellectual knowledge but also emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and exploring spiritual realms that extend beyond our full comprehension.

I am deeply passionate about living a healthy, balanced, organic lifestyle. From weightlifting and yoga to creating nutritious plant-forward meals, I believe in nourishing the mind, body, and spirit with activities that bring joy and promote well-being. My love for macro photography helps me capture the intricate beauty of nature, reminding us of the profound sense of peace and interconnectedness that exists in the world.

My Journey Toward Conscious Living & Holistic Wellbeing

My personal journey toward holistic well-being started pretty much like yours might be right now. I found myself in a spot where life felt a bit off, and I wanted—needed—to feel better. So, I decided to start with what seemed most tangible: taking care of my physical body, focusing on fitness and nutrition.

Sure enough, my body responded positively, but surprisingly, that was just the starting point. This small shift in physical health sparked an unexpected ripple effect that seeped into every corner of my life—it reshaped my mindset, balanced my emotions, improved my relationships, and even clarified my life’s purpose.

Experiencing this powerful connection between physical health and every other aspect of our lives was a real eye-opener. This newfound understanding fuels my passion today: to guide you on your journey toward a vibrant, balanced life through the power of holistic transformation.

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