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Be Someone Who Makes You Happy: The Power of Self-Love

Happiness. We ponder the essence of it, wish it upon shooting stars, and weave nostalgic stories linking it to anything but this present unfolding moment. We read article after article promising happiness resides in the future achievement of some shimmering milestone.

But what if happiness waits not to be found but consciously cultivated through the compassionate tenderness we give our souls?

What if, by gently turning toward the light within, you can be someone who makes you happy?

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The Psychology of Self-Reliance for Happiness

Most of us, at some point, have sought happiness and validation from external sources like accomplishments, money, and relationships. However, no external source or person can provide lasting well-being if we don’t accept we already have a sense of wholeness within ourselves.

True happiness and resilience must come from our inner resources—our self-awareness, wisdom, confidence, desire, and commitment to growth. Psychologists describe this as the need for autonomy—the ability to make choices based on our inner truth. Without autonomy, we give away our power.

The Risks of External Reliance

Basing happiness on external reinforcement can erode self-esteem over time. When we constantly seek approval and validation from others, we communicate self-doubt. This prevents us from operating from our most grounded, authentic self—which is the only real path to sustainable joy.

I’ve witnessed many clients struggle when they realize they tailor major life choices to what others expect instead of what resonates internally. Over time, anxiety and depression result when we betray our inner truth to follow external agendas. The good news is that by taking back authority over our choices, we can reignite that inner light.

Finding Our Own Unique Path

The path to the richest happiness looks different for everyone. By exploring our inner landscape through practices like journaling, mindfulness, and visioning, we gain clarity on the people, places, and projects that will help our unique gifts flourish.

Those who know themselves deeply are far less rattled when external conditions change. They operate from the inner sanctuary of self-awareness and understanding. Their choices reflect their values rather than chasing validation.

This autonomy and willingness to honor their soul’s wisdom is the foundation for happiness that can weather life’s ups and downs.

Integrating Holistic Wellness into the Pursuit of Happiness

True happiness is like a three-legged stool, needing the balance of physical, mental, and spiritual health. Nourishing your body with nutrition, movement and rest lays a vital foundation for overall well-being. Caring for your mental health through practices like therapy or mindfulness ensures your mind becomes an ally rather than an adversary.

Nurturing your spirit and calming your nervous system, whether through meditation, awe of nature, or purposeful work, connects you to meaning that transcends the mundane.

Personal Journeys: From Wellness to Wholeness

I’ve witnessed firsthand in my practice how integrating these three aspects of health transforms clients’ lives in profound ways. One client struggling with anxiety found relief not just through coaching but also by adopting yoga and meditation. By addressing body, mind, and spirit, she created a holistic path to inner peace.

Another client found that a regular spiritual practice brought unexpected clarity regarding misalignments and challenges in her life. Her renewed sense of purpose and life direction resulted in improved physical energy and emotional landscapes.

These stories illustrate how a comprehensive approach to wellness allows people to unlock deep-rooted contentment and joy.

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The Role of Emotional Intelligence

Developing emotional intelligence creates the capacity for genuine self-acceptance and compassion – cornerstones of self-love.

Here are simple ways to apply EQ in service of your happiness:

  • Get curious, not critical, about your emotional patterns.
  • Study your feelings with fascination to understand root causes.
  • When difficult emotions surface, actively listen to what they are trying to signal rather than resist them.
  • Respond slowly rather than react quickly in charged moments. Pause to process feelings before speaking/acting.
  • Forgive yourself for emotional missteps and understand you’re still learning; there’s no need for self-judgment.
  • Practice sitting calmly with sadness, anger, and other energies without needing to “fix” them immediately. Hold space for the full human experience.

Keep nurturing your inner world with empathy and patience. Make friends with all your feelings. This emotional wisdom ripples outwards as you navigate life’s ups and downs with poise, clarity, and vision – a reliable recipe for sustainable happiness.

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Mindfulness and Happiness

The essence of mindfulness seems beautifully simple: calm your endlessly discursive mind and arrive wholly into the present. Yet, in this act of stripping away constant inner commentary about the past and future, we create space for happiness to arise naturally.

Less Mental Clutter, More Joy

Racing thoughts often focus on problems, regrets, and worries rather than beauty. Mindfulness trains our attention on simple sensory pleasures all around us, things that always await appreciative noticing – morning sunlight glinting through a glass, the first bite into a ripe peach, a friend’s outrageous laughter. As mental clutter subsides, joy and gratitude for ordinary life surface effortlessly.

Less Reactivity, More Calm

It’s easy to rush through life on autopilot, depleted by stress while missing out on the richness of each moment. Mindfulness helps us press pause, shift out of anxious “fight-or-flight,” and respond to life’s challenges with more calm and clarity.

As we settle into the quiet space of the present, happiness hormones like oxytocin and serotonin can flow more abundantly. Our nervous system resettles into its natural state of equilibrium. We reconnect with sensations, emotions, and thoughts that went numb in the frenzy of activity.

The path to lasting contentment reveals itself to be shockingly simple, yet easily forgotten. It’s an inside job of dropping distractions and tuning into yourself and your environment in the sensual glory of the now.

Let these words remind you to carve out small spaces for mindfulness amidst the rush. In these resting places, you’ll rediscover the effortless joy within yourself, rather than endlessly chasing external highs.

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Setting Healthy Boundaries

Do you shrink parts of yourself to avoid ruffling feathers? Do you assume putting others first is noble while resentment builds inside? Too often, we prize people-pleasing over our own well-being. We forget that clearly asserting our needs and limits helps EVERYONE.

When you start speaking and living YOUR truth without apology, waves of empowerment will likely crash through you. You’ll discover renewed energy and joy when reserving your limited time and energy for priorities resonating deeply with your spirit.

You’ll start making decisions guided not by guilt or obligation but by passion and conviction. As you shake off lingering tendencies to abandon yourself to accommodate others, you’ll claim authority over how you spend this precious life.

When you claim your full voice and stand firmly in your worth, that’s when the magic unfolds. All relationships transform.

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Gratitude: A Key to Happiness

Scientists have proven what spiritual masters knew: gratitude unlocks lasting happiness. By shifting your focus to blessings already surrounding you rather than getting stuck in a perception of lack, you rewire your brain for increased joy, optimism, and connection.

Here are three simple but transformative gratitude practices to make appreciation an uplifting lifestyle…

  • Keep a daily journal listing moments of goodness big and small you noticed. The more details, the better.
  • Regularly send thank you notes or tell people how much you appreciate them.
  • Set the intention to notice and mentally appreciate the wonder in ordinary moments throughout your day – the sun’s warmth, the taste sensations while eating meals, and the laughter of kids playing outside.

Overcoming Obstacles to Happiness

If your happiness feels restricted no matter how much internal or external work you do, you likely have roadblocks still in the way. Limiting beliefs, comparisons to others, and self-criticism – these thieves slowly but surely restrict our capacity for peace and contentment.

Effective techniques:

  • Identify and challenge stories or assumptions that restrict your life. Get support if needed.
  • Release rather than suppress difficult emotions. They only grow in the dark.
  • Set healthy boundaries and quiet the inner critic judging everything you do.
  • Practice self-compassion over self-judgment. We all deserve support.
  • Embrace a growth mindset and progress over perfection. Nothing worthwhile happens overnight.

The Journey of Self-Discovery

Think of self-discovery as an epic road trip that never really ends. It’s not just a one-off thing; it’s more like constantly tuning into your inner GPS. When you prioritize it, it’s like the fog clears, and suddenly, you can see your path shining brightly ahead of you.

Ask yourself questions such as:

  • What unique talents and dimensions of myself can I develop?
  • How do I feel called to contribute using my gifts?
  • What/who nourishes vs depletes me?
  • What dreams and callings stir my passion?

Here are some simple but illuminating exercises:

  • Tune into your body for inner wisdom, instincts, and energy signals about alignment
  • Explore stories, symbols, and synchronicities attracted
  • Examine patterns over time about what/who uplifts or drags you down
  • Follow fascinations with childlike curiosity free of self-judgment
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The Desire To Be Happy

As we wrap up, I want to acknowledge just how hard the inner work of sustainable happiness can be. Showing up for ourselves consistently isn’t easy when so many distractions and demands compete for attention. But I know you have that quiet wisdom inside, ready to emerge even brighter.

This path is worth it – living as the most grounded, expressive version of yourself. Stay patient, and kind, yet expectant of yourself when the going gets tough. Keep finding that small, steady voice urging you onward. You deserve this peace and purpose just for being the unique soul you are. Sustain it through self-care. Ask for help when depleted, but never doubt your right to belong here fully.

I believe in you, special one. Construct that solid foundation of self-love brick by steady brick. The view from the other side is so gorgeous. Breathe it in!