Best Nut Milk Bag 5 Picks

Best Nut Milk Bag: 5 Picks For Home-Made Plant-Based Milk

You’ve blended up a storm, extracting all the rich flavors of almonds, cashews, and the ever-popular oat milk.

Yet, the magic happens in the squeeze. Whether it’s silky homemade almond milk, rich cashew milk, light rice milk, or creamy oat milk for your cold brew coffee, one tool does the trick for all: the nut milk bag.

Over the years, I’ve crafted countless batches of nut milk and sifted through numerous bag brands to find the best.

In this guide, I’m sharing the fruits (or I should say plant-based milk) of that labor, helping you perfect your nut milk by using the best nut milk bag.

My top pick

01 Ellies Nut Milk Bags Organic Cotton

Ellie’s Best Organic Nut Milk Bag


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And remember, opting for homemade not only gives you superior flavor over store-bought versions but also helps you save money.

Ready to dive deep into the world of nut milk excellence? Let’s go!

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What Is a Nut Milk Bag?

A nut milk bag is a fine nylon mesh bag, typically made from nylon or similar material, that is used to strain liquids and separate solids from liquids. It is commonly used to make nut milk, which is a dairy-free alternative to traditional cow’s milk.

Nut Milk Bag with Almonds

The process involves blending soaked nuts (such as almonds, cashews, or macadamias) with water to create a creamy mixture, and then using the nut milk bag to strain out the nut solids, resulting in a smooth and liquid nut milk.

5 Best Nut Milk Bags: My Top Picks

After rigorous testing and analysis, here are the selection results for the cream of the crop in nut milk bags:

1. Ellie’s Best Organic Cotton Nut Milk Bag

The first time I held this nut milk bag, the weight and texture of the heavy-duty cotton spoke volumes about its quality. Each time I strain fresh almond milk, not a single particle escapes its fine mesh, delivering silky smooth results that rival store brands.

01 Ellies Nut Milk Bags Organic Cotton

When cleaning, the outward seams have been a revelation—gone are the days of tirelessly trying to get every bit out from hidden crevices. As I watch it hang by my kitchen window, drying in the gentle sunlight, its organic cotton fabric subtly reminds me of the small steps I take toward a more sustainable future.

Key features

Crafted from 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton

Superior weave ensures efficient straining

Convenient 2-pack with drawstring closures

Outward seams for straightforward cleaning

Comprehensive squeezing and care tips included



Quality Above All: The heavy-duty cotton with triple-stitched bottoms assures durability.

Diverse Uses: It’s adept for a variety of culinary tasks, not just nut milk.

User-Focused Design: Cleaning is easier thanks to the outward seams.

Comprehensive Guidance: For beginners, the provided instructions and recipes are invaluable.

Eco-Friendly Nudge: Being made from organic cotton is a sustainable bonus.

Built for Reuse: Designed for many rounds in the kitchen and easy washing.


Learning Curve: Mastering the squeezing technique can take a few tries.

Temperature Caution: Users should be wary of the 190 degrees Fahrenheit threshold.

In the myriad of choices available, this nut milk bag effortlessly stands out for its performance, design, and versatility. It’s not just another tool in the kitchen; it’s my trusted culinary partner, and I’m excited for others to discover its multifaceted brilliance.

2. Bellamei Nut Milk Bags

02 Bellamei 2 pack Nut Milk Bag

At A Glance

Material: High-Quality Fine Nylon Mesh

Size: 8″x10″, 8”x12”, 12″x12″

Features: BPA-free, U-bottom design, double reinforced stitching, and an easy-to-use drawstring.



Health-Centric Material: Made of food-grade BPA-free nylon mesh, ensuring a healthy and safe culinary experience.

Versatility: Perfect for a myriad of uses, from nut milk to cold brew coffee.

Efficient Design: The U-bottom shape ensures easy squeezing and efficient straining without messy residues.

Durability: With double-reinforced stitching, the bag promises extended longevity and resistance to wear and tear.

Ease of Cleaning: Designed for effortless cleaning with its outward seam and rounded corners.


Inconsistency in Package: Some users received three bags but only two distinct sizes.

Durability Concerns: A few users reported the bag splitting after limited uses.

Texture: Some found the bags to be stiffer and bulkier than expected, affecting the user experience.

3.ValarCO Organic Cheesecloth Nut Milk Bag Strainer

The moment I touched the ValarCO cheesecloth, its natural hue and tactile authenticity spoke of unparalleled quality. Crafting almond milk or venturing into milks from sources like shredded coconut became an art with this tool.

03 ValarCO Organic Cheesecloth Nut Milk Bag

Its 40×40 threads per inch flawlessly filtered out even the tiniest particles. The unique drawstrings minimized spills during straining. Cleanup? A breeze with a simple handwash. Above all, its organic, unbleached nature, free of dyes or chemicals, makes it an indispensable part of my eco-conscious kitchen.

At A Glance

Crafted from GOTS Certified 100% Organic Cotton.

Measuring 12×12 inches, it offers ample space for various straining tasks.

Precision weaving with 40×40 threads/inch, ensuring utmost purity in every strain.

Unique drawstring design for enhanced convenience during pouring and straining.

Suitable for diverse culinary tasks: from nut milk preparation to covering kombucha tea.

Demonstrates a dedication to health and the environment: dye-free, chemical-free, and unbleached.



Top-Notch Filtering: Its weave meticulously filters out impurities, ensuring purity in every drop.

Resilience: With users getting multiple uses before noting wear, its longevity is commendable.

Drawstring Advantage: Ensures a mess-free pour every time.

Eco-Conscious: The organic, unbleached, dye-free, and chemical-free fabric is a testament to its eco-friendliness.

Versatile: From coconut water straining to regular cooking preparations, it’s truly multifunctional.


Cleaning Nuances: While generally easy, cleaning and drying can sometimes be more time-consuming.

Size Limitations: Some users might find its size limiting for specific tasks.

Durability Concerns: A few users reported breakage at the seal after repeated use.

4. CHAIN Organic Nut Milk Bag Cloth Strainer

From the first touch, the CHAIN Nut Milk Bag cloth strainer felt like a game-changer. Immediately, the premium organic cotton caught my attention, allowing me to stay true to my journey of conscious living without compromising on quality.

It’s the little things that make the difference: the finesse of the mesh that guarantees only the smoothest of plant-based milks, and the thoughtfully added drawstrings that offer hands-free use—a simple yet ingenious touch.

04 Chain Nut Milk Bag Cloth Strainer

Whether I’m giving vegan cheese a shot or crafting my signature almond milk, each bag fits the purpose just right. It’s not just about the milk; it’s about the experience. The CHAIN bag delivers on performance, organic integrity, and ease, making my kitchen adventures both sustainable and delightful.

At A Glance

Material: Premium Organic Cheesecloth

Sizes: 2 of 12″x12″ and 1 of 10″x8″

Features: Fine mesh for smooth straining, organic material ensuring no chemical leaching, and drawstrings for hands-free use.



Versatility: Three bags of varied sizes cater to different kitchen needs.

Organic Integrity: Made of pure organic cotton, ensuring no chemicals leach into the food.

User-Friendly: The drawstring design makes for easy, hands-free straining.

Fine Mesh: Guarantees pulp-free, smooth milk every time.

Reusability: Durable design ensures the bag can be used multiple times without wear.


Durability Concerns: Some users reported issues with seams, leading to unwanted pulp leakage or bag tearing.

Drawstring Length: On certain bags, the drawstring was found to be too short, compromising usability.

Flow Issues: Milk might not flow freely; squeezing is required, which might put stress on the seams.

5. GoNuts ORGANIC COTTON Nut Milk Bag

05 Go Nuts ORGANIC COTTON Nut Milk Bag

At A Glance

Material: 100% Organic Cotton

Features: BPA-free, Triple cotton stitching, Round bottom design, and a large cotton drawstring.



Eco-Friendly Material: 100% organic cotton.

Versatility: Perfect for making nut milk, juicing, tofu, and more.

Durability: Boasts triple cotton stitching for extended use and wear resistance.

Easy Cleaning: Exterior seams simplify the cleaning process, making maintenance effortless.

Value for Money: The set includes two bags, ensuring you have a backup or an alternate for different uses.

Bonus eBook: An added perk for those keen to explore various recipes and uses for their GoNUTS bags.


Straining Efficiency: Some users found certain ingredients challenging to strain efficiently.

Material Density: The thickness of the cotton might hinder the straining process for some users.

How I Reviewed Nut Milk Bags

My relationship with nut milk bags began more out of confusion than clarity. Faced with an ocean of choices, and uncertain about which bag would elevate my nut milk game, I did what any perplexed shopper would: I bought a bunch of them. While some might call it overkill, I saw it as a personal quest.

woman pouring milk in a nut milk bag

Here’s how my saga unfolded:

  • Bulk Buying Extravaganza: One fine day, I found myself clicking ‘Add to Cart’ more times than I’d like to admit. From the highly recommended ones to the underdogs, my shopping spree was all-encompassing.
  • Consistent Crafting: With my kitchen counter looking like a nut milk bag showroom, I ensured that each bag was subjected to the same nut milk recipe. From soaking to blending and, of course, squeezing – each bag faced the same trials.
  • Pulp Investigation: The true test of a nut milk bag isn’t just in how well it filters, but also in the remnants it leaves behind. Each bag’s leftover pulp underwent scrutiny. Was it too moist or satisfyingly dry?
  • Endurance Examination: Some bags appeared strong but faltered under pressure, quite literally. I assessed their sturdiness, elasticity, and how they held up to vigorous squeezing sessions.
  • The Cleanup Conundrum: The nut-milking process is just one part of the equation. How easy was it to turn the bag inside out, rid it of leftover pulp, and restore it to its original glory? This was a critical phase in my review process.

By the end of this expedition, not only was my fridge overflowing with delicious nut milk, but I also had a clear winner (or maybe a few) in my hands.

Buyers Guide: What to look for in a quality nut milk bag

Having personally field-tested an array of bags, I’ve gained more than just muscle strength from all that squeezing. I’ve identified clear markers of excellence in the world of nut milk bags:

  • Material Matters: Whether it’s organic cotton or hemp, the bag’s fabric should be pure, natural, and free from any odd synthetic aftertaste. Your nut milk’s flavor profile shouldn’t include “hints of polyester.
  • Mesh Magic: A fine weave is a holy grail. It ensures creamy, sediment-free milk, saving you from unexpected crunches in your smoothie.
  • Strength in Seams: A bag might boast of superior material, but if its stitches give way amidst a squeeze session, it’s game over. Robust, double-stitched seams are the unsung heroes.
  • Size and Versatility: Whether you’re making a small batch for a quiet evening or enough to host a nut milk party, the bag should cater to varying quantities with ease.
  • Maintenance Made Easy: The aftermath shouldn’t resemble a crime scene. A top-notch bag cleans up well, with minimal fuss, retaining its integrity for the next round.

Through trial, and error, and a lot of nut milk tasting, I’ve come to realize that the perfect bag does more than just filter—it enhances the entire milking experience. Armed with these insights, may your own nut milk journey be deliciously smooth.

How To Make Nut Milk

To make nut milk, soak your chosen nuts overnight, then blend them with water using a high-speed blender; strain the resulting mixture through a nut milk bag to obtain the liquid. Adjust for sweetness and flavor to your preference.

Here is a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to make your own nut milk– from soy milk, and coconut milk to hemp milk.

How To Clean A Nut Milk Bag

Maintaining the cleanliness and longevity of your nut milk bag is simple with these easy-to-follow steps:

  • 1. Empty Residue: Immediately after using, turn the bag inside out and shake out any leftover pulp or residue.
  • 2. Rinse: Swish the bag thoroughly under cool to lukewarm running water.
  • 3. Soap Up: Use a mild dish soap and gently scrub the bag with your hands, focusing on areas where the pulp might be stuck.
  • 4. Rinse Again: Ensure all soap is thoroughly rinsed out.
  • 5. Air Dry: Hang the bag in a well-ventilated area to air dry. Make sure it’s completely dry before storing it to prevent mold growth.
  • 6. Occasional Deep Clean: Every once in a while, you can soak the bag in a mixture of white vinegar and water (1:3 ratio) for an hour to disinfect and remove any lingering odors. Rinse well after soaking.

Remember, always check the care instructions specific to your nut milk bag, as some might have unique care requirements.

FAQs on nut Milk Bags

Where can I buy nut milk bags?

Amazon is a popular and convenient option for purchasing a nut milk bag.

What can I use instead of a nut milk bag?

If you find yourself without a nut milk bag, there are several alternatives you can use. A fine mesh strainer is a common choice, though you might need to strain it multiple times for smoother milk. Using a cheese cloth is another option; just fold it into multiple layers to increase filtration.

Is cheesecloth or nut milk bag better?

Cheesecloths are versatile but can be messy. Nut milk bags are durable, easier to clean, and yield a smoother consistency.

What temperature can you use a nut milk bag?

Nut milk bags, typically made from nylon or synthetics, are safe for use with lukewarm or room-temperature liquids. Avoid hot liquids like boiling water to prevent damage or chemical leaching. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions or consider bags made from natural materials for high-temperature use.

Are nut milk bags reusable?

Absolutely! One of the main advantages of nut milk bags over some other filtering options is their reusability. After making your nut milk, simply turn the bag inside out, remove the pulp, and wash it thoroughly. Let it air dry, and it’s ready for your next milking session. This not only reduces waste but also saves money in the long run.

Can I use a nut milk bag for oat milk?

Yes, nut milk bags work for all plant-based milks, including oat milk or soy milk.

What’s the best nut milk bag to buy?

The best nut milk bag often comes down to personal preference and needs. However, when shopping, look for one made from food-grade, natural materials with fine mesh and reinforced stitching. Reading user reviews and product descriptions will also give you insights into the bag’s durability, ease of cleaning, and performance.