22 Best Plant Based Cookbooks

22 Best Plant Based Cookbooks to Inspire Tasty Creations

Are you always on the hunt for yummy vegan recipes? 

I’ve discovered that the best plant based cookbooks can be a game-changer. Whether you’re just dipping your toes into vegan cooking or, like me, always eager for new tasty inspirations, I’ve got some top book picks just for you. 

These cookbooks are brimming with easy and mouth-watering recipes that I’m sure you, your friends, and your family will absolutely love.

So, let’s dive in and find our next favorite dish together!

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1. Oh She Glows for Dinner by Angela Liddon

Angela Liddon, the creator behind the popular blog “Oh She Glows,” brings forth a collection of wholesome and satisfying plant-based recipes in this cookbook. The emphasis on whole-food ingredients ensures that the dishes are not only delicious but also nutritious. The inclusion of meal prep plans and weeknight one-pot recipes makes it a versatile choice for both novices and seasoned cooks. Whether you’re planning a festive holiday meal or a simple weeknight dinner, this cookbook has got you covered.

2. Plant Based on a Budget by Toni Okamoto

 Eating plant-based doesn’t have to be expensive, and Toni Okamoto proves this with her cookbook. The recipes are crafted with budget-friendly, whole food ingredients, ensuring that you don’t break the bank while eating healthily. The quick preparation time of 30 minutes or less is a boon for those with hectic schedules, making plant-based eating more accessible and convenient.

3. The Plant-Based Diet for Beginners by Gabriel Miller

 Transitioning to a plant-based diet can be daunting, but Gabriel Miller simplifies the process with this beginner-friendly guide. The cookbook demystifies plant-based eating with easy-to-follow recipes, nutrition information, and practical tips like shopping lists and cooking guides. It’s a comprehensive resource for those starting their plant-based journey.

4. Sweet Potato Soul by Jenné Claiborne

 Jenné Claiborne beautifully blends her Atlanta upbringing with vegan culinary techniques in this cookbook. The result is a collection of soulful, comforting dishes that resonate with warmth and tradition. From savory mains to sweet treats, the recipes are a testament to the richness of vegan soul food.

5. Vegan Richa’s Indian Kitchen by Richa Hingle

 Indian cuisine is known for its rich flavors and diverse dishes. Richa Hingle, the talent behind “Vegan Richa,” presents vegan adaptations of beloved Indian recipes. The cookbook is a treasure trove of aromatic curries, flavorful flatbreads, and delectable sweets, all crafted without any animal products.

6. Baked With Love by Brittany Berlin

Vegan desserts take center stage in this delightful cookbook by Brittany Berlin. From creamy cheesecakes to fudgy brownies, the recipes shatter the misconception that vegan desserts are bland or unexciting. The inclusion of healthy baking tips and allergy-friendly options makes it a versatile choice for all dessert enthusiasts.

7. The Homemade Vegan Pantry by Miyoko Schinner

Miyoko Schinner, a veteran in the vegan culinary world, shares her secrets for creating vegan pantry staples from scratch. The cookbook is an ode to the art of slow cooking and the joy of homemade ingredients. Whether it’s vegan butter, plant-based cheeses, or egg substitutes, this cookbook has got it all.

8. Evolving Vegan by Mena Massoud

 Mena Massoud, known for his role as Aladdin, embarks on a culinary journey across North America, exploring the best of plant-based eateries. The cookbook is a blend of personal narratives, authentic recipes, and a celebration of vegan diversity. It’s a must-have for those seeking a fresh perspective on vegan cuisine.

9. Veganomicon

Dubbed the “vegan bible,” Veganomicon is a comprehensive guide to all things vegan. Authored by experienced vegan chefs Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Hope Romero, the cookbook boasts an impressive array of recipes ranging from simple staples to gourmet dishes. It’s a testament to the endless possibilities of vegan cooking.

10. Eat More Plants by Desiree Nielsen, RD

 Registered Dietitian Desiree Nielsen emphasizes the importance of incorporating more plants into our diets. The cookbook is a blend of science-backed nutrition advice and mouthwatering recipes. Each dish is crafted to be both delicious and nourishing, ensuring that you get the best of both worlds.

11. The Simple Vegan Kitchen by Lauren McNeill, RD, MPH

 Lauren McNeill promotes a holistic approach to eating with her cookbook. The emphasis on intuitive eating encourages readers to foster a positive relationship with food. The recipes are crafted with balance in mind, ensuring that they are both tasty and nutritious.

12. Fake Meat: Real Food for Vegan Appetites by Isa Chandra Moskowitz

 Isa Chandra Moskowitz, a renowned name in the vegan culinary world, brings forth a cookbook that caters to the growing demand for plant-based meat alternatives. This cookbook is a treasure trove for those looking to recreate the taste and texture of meat without the actual animal products. From burgers to steaks, the recipes are meticulously crafted to mimic the real deal. The added humor and anecdotes make the cooking process enjoyable and relatable.

13. Nourishing Vegan Every Day by Amy Lanza

 Amy Lanza’s cookbook is a visual feast, with each page adorned with vibrant photography that captures the essence of the dishes. Drawing inspiration from her Italian heritage, Lanza offers a mix of traditional and contemporary vegan recipes. The emphasis on pasta-based dishes is a nod to her roots, making it a must-have for those who love Italian cuisine.

14. Eat More Vegan by Annie Rigg

 Annie Rigg’s cookbook is a testament to the fact that plant-based cooking can be both nutritious and flavorful. The recipes are crafted with whole foods, ensuring that each dish is a powerhouse of nutrients. The balance of flavors is impeccable, making it a perfect choice for those who have a discerning palate.

15. Blk + Vegan by Emani Corcran

 Emani Corcran’s cookbook is a celebration of her cultural roots. The recipes are comforting and beginner-friendly, making it a perfect choice for those who are new to vegan cooking. The emphasis on family and community resonates throughout the book, making it a heartwarming read.

16. Eat the Rainbow by Harriet Porterfield

Harriet Porterfield’s cookbook is a versatile addition to any kitchen. The recipes are uncomplicated yet flavorful, catering to both adults and kids. The dedicated “Colorful Kids” section is a thoughtful inclusion, ensuring that even the youngest members of the family can enjoy plant-based meals.

17. New Vegan Baking by Ana Rusu

 Ana Rusu’s cookbook is a haven for those who have a sweet tooth. The recipes offer vegan versions of traditional baked goods, ensuring that you don’t miss out on your favorite treats. The use of innovative ingredients like aquafaba showcases the creativity behind each recipe.

18. The Veg Box by Stephen & David Flynn

Stephen & David Flynn’s cookbook is a comprehensive guide to vegetables. Each chapter is dedicated to a specific vegetable, offering insights into its cultivation, storage, and culinary uses. The recipes are a blend of traditional and contemporary, making it a versatile choice.

19. Best of Vegan by Kim-Julie Hansen

 Kim-Julie Hansen’s cookbook is a celebration of global cuisines. The recipes are a reflection of the multicultural community of plant-based food creators, offering a diverse range of dishes. From Asian to Mediterranean, the cookbook covers a wide array of cuisines, making it a culinary journey.

20. The Vegan Week by Gena Hamshaw

Gena Hamshaw’s cookbook is a practical guide to meal prep. The recipes are designed to streamline the cooking process, ensuring that you have delicious plant-based meals throughout the week. The emphasis on mindfulness resonates throughout the book, promoting a holistic approach to eating.

21. Fork Over Knives – The Cookbook

Stemming from the groundbreaking documentary “Fork Over Knives”, this cookbook offers over 300 recipes designed to help people transition to and maintain a whole-food, plant-based lifestyle. Each recipe is crafted to be not only nutritious but also mouthwateringly delicious. It’s a must-have for anyone serious about embracing a healthier diet without sacrificing taste.

10 Essential Tips for Thriving in Plant-Based Cooking

After exploring these top-notch plant-based cookbooks, you’re well on your way to culinary excellence. But before you dive into those delicious recipes, here are 10 essential tips to ensure you thrive in your plant-based cooking journey

1. Whole Foods First

Start with whole, unprocessed ingredients whenever possible. Fresh vegetables, fruits, grains, and legumes are the cornerstones of plant-based cooking.

Whole foods are minimally processed foods

2. Seasonal Selections

Opt for seasonal produce. Not only is it fresher and often more affordable, but it also tastes better and is more nutrient-dense.

3. Herbs and Spices

Don’t shy away from herbs and spices. They can elevate a simple dish into something extraordinary. Experiment with different combinations to find your favorites.

4. Soak Your Legumes

If you’re using dried beans or lentils, remember to soak them overnight. This reduces cooking time and can make them easier to digest.

5. Nutritional Yeast is Your Friend

Missing that cheesy flavor? Nutritional yeast can add a cheesy, umami flavor to your dishes without any dairy.

6. Plan Ahead

Some plant-based dishes, especially those with beans or certain grains, can take time. Planning ahead can make your cooking process smoother.

7. Embrace Tofu and Tempeh

Both are versatile protein sources that can be marinated, grilled, stir-fried, or even crumbled into dishes.

8. Stay Hydrated

When increasing your intake of plant-based foods, especially fiber-rich ones, ensure you’re drinking plenty of water to aid digestion.

9. Experiment with Plant-Based Milks

From almond to oat to soy, there’s a plant-based milk for every palate and purpose. Try a few to find your favorite for cooking and baking.

10. Join a Community

Whether it’s online or in-person, joining a plant-based community can provide support, new recipes, and cooking techniques.

Bottom Line

In the world of plant-based cooking, having the right resources and tips at your fingertips can make all the difference. Whether you’re a seasoned plant based chef or just starting your journey, the right cookbook can inspire and guide you.

Pair that with essential cooking tips, and you’re set for success. As you explore these cookbooks and implement the tips, remember that every meal is an opportunity to nourish and delight. Happy cooking!