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Get a unique insight into what is happening in your life, find your way out of current stagnation and gain clarity about your potential and your next steps.




During a 60-minute Intuitive Breakthrough Session & Energy Reading, we will focus on a topic you feel stuck with or need more insight about. I will feel into your energy and intuitively guide you into more clarity and freedom.

We will explore what is out of alignment within you and your life and shine a light on blind spots or hidden aspects of yourself.

I'll suggest action steps you can take to feel more aligned and empowered. 

I will also share whatever comes through that you might need to hear so that you can step into your truth, power, and potential.

You won't transform your whole life in one session, but you will feel lighter, more connected to your Higher Self, will have powerful epiphanies and will feel motivated to take the next steps with ease.

​What's included?


  • 60-minute 1:1 coaching session

  • My support with one or more topics of your choice

  • Intuitive spiritual guidance 

  • Energy reading & Energy alignment

  • Practical advice and action steps based on what we find out

  • A FREE 30-minute clarity call in case you are looking for continuous support on your journey

What You Need to Know 

All of my sessions are a safe space for YOU to express whatever is on your heart and mind.

While I listen to you, I pay close attention to the connections I perceive based on my coaching skills AS WELL as my intuitive gifts. While you speak, I tune into your energy and see potential blockages or blind spots.

What do I actually see, you might wonder? It’s challenging to put that in words, but I’ll try:

Sometimes I see shapes or colors, sometimes I have very clear visions, and sometimes it feels like I am “zooming out” to see the bigger picture and hidden layers. I can’t explain this scientifically, but it is as real as the keyboard I’m using to type this. That way, I’m able to shine a light on what your soul already knows.

Energetically the whole process feels like cleaning a window for you so YOU can see again.

You are your own guru. I’m just here to bring forth what’s already in you.

Clients usually tell me they feel so much lighter after a session and find a lot of clarity about where they are and what they want to do. It lights up my heart so much!

Breakthrough sessions are often a lasting stepping stone to powerful transformation. Many clients decide to get more support on their journey of integrating new perspectives into their lives. If you feel like you would like my guidance for 6 or 12 weeks, we can always set up a separate free discovery call to discuss options. This breakthrough session is purely meant to guide you to more clarity and light! No sales. No strings attached.

One more thing: If you want me to forecast if you get a phone call, if your flight will be delayed, what your partner will eat for lunch tomorrow, or what will happen next month - this is not what I do. I am not an oracle.

However, based on your energy and the things I perceive, I sometimes have visions of a potential “future” ( I don’t believe that time is linear, but I’ll talk about that another time ) line that is stronger than another one.

I happily share what I see, but before you book, I want you to remember that YOU are always the key to how things unfold.

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