Law of Abundance Bridging Spirituality and Science

Law of Abundance: Bridging Spirituality and Science (Plus Practical Tips!)

Imagine a world where more money, joy, and positive feelings are not just aspirations but a daily reality. The key? Understanding the formidable law of abundance. Deep-rooted studies reveal that our beliefs don’t just influence our reality—they create it.

Ditch the chains of scarcity thinking. Embrace the boundless prosperity that’s waiting for you. Dive into the compelling blend of psychology and science that makes this law so transformative, and discover the steps to claim its power in your life. Your journey to abundance starts here.

TLDR; – Key Takeaways About The Law Of Abundance

  • Abundance and scarcity mindsets become self-fulfilling prophecies. Intentionally cultivate an abundance mentality.
  • Thinking positively, positive feelings, and being grateful attract more positive outcomes. Make them daily habits.
  • Inspired action aligns you with the flow of giving and receiving. Follow your intuition.
  • Release expectations and embrace divine timing. Manifestation unfolds organically.

What Is The Law Of Abundance?

The law of abundance is the principle that scarcity is an illusion – believing that the universe contains unlimited divine energy and potential to provide for all. When we shift to an abundance mindset and decide to take inspired action aligned with our true nature, we gain access to the natural flow of prosperity, creativity, and blessings.

By cultivating gratitude, embracing oneness, and generously giving our gifts, we tap into the omnipresent field of infinite abundance and discover the divine energy underlying reality.

1. How Does the Law of Abundance Work?

The Law of Abundance is one of those concepts that tends to get brushed off as mystical “woo woo” by skeptics or mistakenly reduced to just superficial “manifesting” by pop culture.

How Does the Law of Abundance Work

But there are actually some fascinating scientific principles and psychological mechanisms underlying this captivating idea. In this section, we’ll explore the research and evidence-based frameworks supporting the validity of abundance as a “universal law” that can be consciously utilized.

The Science Behind Universal Laws

Universal laws refer to patterns, forces, or governing dynamics that reliably operate or exert influence in our universe. This isn’t limited to the realms of spiritual traditions or ancient philosophies; these patterns and laws have been the subject of modern scientific exploration as well.

For instance, we’re all familiar with the law of gravity or the law of cause and effect, both of which have scientific backing. Over time, a blend of spirituality and empirical observation has given rise to a framework detailing more of these laws. This merger of science and spirituality is where the ’12 Universal Laws‘ come into play.

The 12 Universal Laws

The ’12 Universal Laws’ present a set of guiding principles believed to universally govern our existence, each intertwined with both spiritual understanding and observable phenomena.

  • 1. The Law of Divine Oneness – The understanding that everything and everyone in the universe is interconnected.
  • 2. The Law of Vibration – Every entity resonates with its own specific vibration.
  • 3. The Law of Correspondence – Patterns repeat across the universe, and the microcosm reflects the macrocosm.
  • 4. The Law of Attraction – Like energies or vibrations attract like energies.
  • 5. The Law of Inspired Action – Dreams manifest into reality through inspired intervention or action.
  • 6. The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy – All individuals have the power to change their conditions.
  • 7. The Law of Cause and Effect – Nothing happens by chance; every action has a reaction or consequence.
  • 8. The Law of Compensation – Abundance flows in various forms, proportional to the energy or effort one puts out.
  • 9. The Law of Relativity – Everyone will face challenges that are relative and can be used as a means for growth.
  • 10. The Law of Polarity – Everything has an opposite; opposites are different forms of the same thing.
  • 11. The Law of Rhythm – Everything evolves through cycles and patterns.
  • 12. The Law of Gender – Both masculine and feminine energies are present in all entities, ensuring creation and regeneration.

Why Isn’t Abundance Constant?

After understanding the external factors and barriers that might hinder the constancy of abundance, it becomes evident that our internal mindset is a pivotal determinant.

Let’s dive into how our psychological perspectives, specifically the dichotomy of abundance and scarcity mindsets, play a role in shaping our experiences and perceptions of abundance in our lives.

Disconnection Blocks the Flow

When we operate from a state of fear and contraction, we sever our connection to the web of life. Attachments, grasping, and trying to control outcomes isolate us from the stream of creation.

Operating from a state of fear and contraction

Stories of Lack Obscure Natural Wellspring

The egoic mind projects stories of negative experiences of lack and limitation that obscure the natural wellspring. But in truth, the field of infinite abundance remains omnipresent, waiting for us to decide to realign.

Reawakening to Our True Nature

As we awaken to our inherent oneness with all, release expectations, and take inspired action, we reconnect to the eternal nature of abundance. Even in times of disconnection, the potential for abundance remains.

The Psychology of Abundance vs. Scarcity Mindsets

Our perceptions of reality are heavily influenced by our beliefs and assumptions, often molding our experiences in ways that affirm these beliefs, turning them into self-fulfilling prophecies. The battle between the mindset of abundance and that of scarcity stands as a testament to the truth of this phenomenon.

Psychology of Abundance vs Scarcity Mindsets

Characteristics of Scarcity vs. Abundance

A mindset entrenched in scarcity is characterized by the persistent feeling of insufficiency, be it time, money, opportunities, or any other resource.

On the other hand, those with an abundance mindset approach life with a conviction and attitude that possibilities are boundless and resources aplenty. These aren’t just philosophical standpoints; they translate to tangible differences in outcomes and behaviors.

Research Findings on Mindset Outcomes

Research paints a vivid picture of these differences. For instance, when individuals are psychologically primed with the idea of scarcity, their performance on tasks declines, they exhibit a higher inclination towards unethical actions and even score lower on intelligence tests.

In stark contrast, those with an abundant frame of mind showcase enhanced creativity, kindness, and adaptability in thinking.

Studies and Their Implications

To dive into specifics, studies found that scarcity priming led to diminished cognitive function and increased unethical tendencies. On the brighter side, abundance-oriented mindsets have been linked with heightened levels of compassion, stronger social connections, and a more conscious approach to the environment.

Furthermore, even the brain responds differently; meditation focused on the abundance states versus scarcity resulted in distinct neural activity patterns.

While this field of study remains expansive with more to uncover, the preliminary findings underscore the profound, self-reinforcing impacts our mindset of abundance or scarcity can have on our actions, decisions, and overall life experiences.

Evidence that Positive Thinking Attracts Abundance

The notion that maintaining an upbeat attitude can tangibly improve one person’s circumstances might sound like wishful thinking. Yet an increasing body of research demonstrates real-world benefits of positive thinking when it comes to attracting abundance.

Positive Thinking Attracts Abundance

Studies on the Power of Positive Thinking

A 10-year study at the Mayo Clinic found optimistic thinkers had a 50% lower risk of early death compared to pessimists. Other studies reveal optimists experience more success, better health outcomes, perform better athletically, and have a higher level of job satisfaction. They even seem to have longer life spans.

Positive thinking also correlates with financial prosperity. People with an optimistic outlook earn higher incomes on average and are more likely to succeed as entrepreneurs. It’s not just correlation either – experimental manipulations find inducing positive moods leads to improved problem-solving ability, self-efficacy, and willingness to take action to achieve something.

Examples of How Thought Patterns Affect Outcomes

On an individual level, adopting a positive thinking framework can be transformative. Best-selling author Rhonda Byrne attributes success to believing and using the law of attraction to be successful in erasing debts, losing weight, and finding her dream partner.

Gratitude journals, vision boards, daily affirmations – these simple techniques demonstrate the self-fulfilling capacity of positive thinking. While not magic, consistently focusing attention on directing our mental focus seems to attract aligned circumstances.

2. Cultivating an Abundance Mindset

Now that we’ve looked at the research behind abundance let’s get practical. How can you shift your mindset to start believing in attracting more wealth, new opportunities, love, and joy into your life? This isn’t about spewing toxic positivity or ignoring reality. It’s about consciously transforming your beliefs to align with abundance.

Cultivating an Abundance Mindset

Releasing Scarcity and Limiting Beliefs

If you grew up watching your parents constantly worry about money or hearing messages like “we can’t afford that,” scarcity thinking likely feels comfortable. But is it serving you? Pinpoint any tendencies towards scarcity mentality and be radically honest.

Does thinking there’s “never enough” or you “don’t deserve” abundance resonate? Examine these stories you tell yourself. Limiting beliefs won’t disappear overnight, but self-awareness sows the seeds for new perspectives to grow.

Fostering Positive Thinking

Once you’ve softened those boundaries, actively nurture positive thinking habits. Keep a gratitude journal, noting at least three things you’re grateful for daily.

Use affirmations like “abundance flows freely in my life” or “my needs are always met.” Make vision boards with inspiring images representing the abundant life you desire. Your mind believes what you repeatedly tell it, so be intentional about making positivity a reflex.

Accessing Abundance States

Meditation and visualization are powerful tools for anchoring into the feeling experience of abundance. Imagine you already have all the material wealth, health, love, and fulfillment you could desire.

What does your life look, sound, and feel like? Tune into those emotions – bliss, security, excitement. Make this visceral, not just an intellectual concept. Additionally, mindful breathing quiets your reactive mind so you can access that abundant essence already within.

3. Learning How to Receive Abundance: 4 Steps

Learning to receive openly is essential because abundance can only flow when we make space for it. When we unconsciously block receiving through grasping, resistance, or feelings of unworthiness, it stems the tide. Receiving isn’t passive – it requires courage and vulnerability.

How to Receive Abundance

By learning to receive life’s blessings as a natural circulation, without limiting stipulations, we realign with divine flow. The more willing we are to receive, the more we activate and amplify that current of endless abundance.

1. Release Attachment

It’s natural to grasp resources or opportunities out of fear we’ll miss out. But this energy of panic and feeling of lack repels what we desire. Practice open hands – the ability to hold desires lightly without clinging. Detach from preconceived notions of how/when abundance dreams should materialize.

  • Make a list of any areas where you grasp or cling out of scarcity. Are you attached to a specific source, timeline, or narrow vision?
  • Consciously practice open hands – visualize releasing the desire with love and faith.
  • Affirm, “I welcome abundance from unexpected sources in uplifting ways.”

2. Cultivate Receiving

Abundance flows as circulation – the more you allow yourself to receive, the more you can give. Open up to unexpected blessings. See life as supporting you, not always a struggle. Receiving is not passive – it requires courage to say yes.

  • Each day, notice and write down 3 moments you felt received – a gift, support, miracle.
  • When offered something, pause before replying no. Consider how saying yes expands the flow.
  • Take time to receive through meditation: “I gratefully receive all the universe wants to give.”

3. Embrace Your Worthiness

Scarcity says, “I don’t deserve this world.” Abundance says, “I graciously accept all gifts the world and universe want to offer.” You are worthy simply because of who you are. Practice accepting compliments, help, and miracles, large and small.

  • List 10 reasons you deserve abundance. Read them aloud daily.
  • When you receive something, affirm, “I accept this blessing with gratitude.” Avoid diminishing it.
  • See every miracle, compliment, or gift as confirmation of your innate worth. Say yes.


Here are some common ancient abundance practices from cultures worldwide:

Ritual offerings to gods/goddesses of abundance
Many ancient cultures had deities that specifically represented concepts like prosperity, agriculture, and fertile seasons. Making offerings to these gods through rituals, sacrifices, or acts of devotion was believed to honor them and petition for continued abundance.

  • Rice Bowl Ritual: This is an ancient Chinese ritual for wealth and prosperity that involves placing a bowl of rice in a specific location in the home and offering it to the gods.
  • Money Pot Ritual: This is another Chinese ritual that involves placing coins and other items associated with wealth and prosperity in a pot and burying it in the ground
  • Roses and Grapes Ritual: This is a money ritual from ancient Greece that involves placing roses and grapes in a specific location in the home to attract wealth and prosperity.
  • Feng Shui Rituals: Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that involves arranging objects in the home to promote positive energy flow. There are several Feng Shui rituals that can help attract wealth and abundance, such as burning cinnamon incense walking through the home with it, and placing a money plant in a specific location.

Agricultural/harvest festivals
Ancient societies heavily depended on agriculture, so many had festivals timed with planting/harvest seasons to promote abundance. These involved feasting, celebrations, and ceremonies to honor crops and renew fertility. Examples include Greek festivals for Demeter, Sumerian celebrations of Dumuzid, and the Jewish festival of Sukkot.

  • Greek Festivals for Demeter: Demeter was the Greek goddess of agriculture, and festivals were held in her honor to celebrate the harvest season and promote fertility.
  • Sumerian Celebrations of Dumuzid: Dumuzid was the Sumerian god of vegetation and fertility, and festivals were held in his honor to promote agricultural abundance.
  • Jewish Festival of Sukkot: Sukkot is a Jewish festival that celebrates the harvest season and involves building temporary shelters and feasting on fruits and vegetables

Important note: A lot of sites mention an ancient Chinese abundance check technique but the idea of writing yourself a symbolic “intention check” comes from the law of attraction/new thought movement, which emerged in the late 19th century in America.

4. Aligning Your Actions with Abundance

Now that you’ve established an abundance mindset, it’s time to focus attention and to align your words and actions. You’ll attract more of what you put out, so be intentional about how you direct your focus, energy, and attention.

Aligning Your Actions with Abundance

Being in Service to Others

When you’re coming from a scarcity mentality, it’s natural to withdraw and become self-focused. But divinely guided actions stem from contribution, not consumption.

Look for ways to share your unique gifts and uplift others. Volunteer, donate to causes aligned with your values, or perform small acts of service. By being a force for doing good things, you attract more good stuff in return.

Taking Inspired Action

When operating from abundance, you trust in divine timing and take steps that feel inspired, not forced. This isn’t about sitting on the couch waiting for bags of money to appear. You still have to put in effort, but flow with the universe rather than trying to rigidly control everything.

Pay attention to intuitive nudges guiding you toward certain people, opportunities, or actions. Follow what sparks excitement and alignment. You may not know exactly what will happen or how it will unfold, but have faith it will happen and will all weave together.

No step is too small!

Don’t just look for success in the most ambitious or profitable endeavors either. Start small with what nourishes your soul. Make time for hobbies, community service, and passion projects. Taking micro-steps from a point of inspiration keeps you plugged into that divine flow.

When we act from a mindset of scarcity, we may take actions solely to gain something, like a transaction. (And don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with that!) But when we act from a place of abundance, we can follow our inner wisdom and take inspired action, trusting that we already have everything we need. The first can come from ego and lack, while the second comes from essence and wholeness.

Allowing Unexpected Blessings

Practice graciously receiving blessings that come your way, even if you don’t feel you’ve “earned” them. See life as abundantly providing for your needs, not just transactionally.

Be open to support and gifted moments. The universe delights in showering you with good stuff when you’re awake to it.

Focusing on Abundance in Lack

Even in lack, have faith in your infinite worth and connection to good. Let go of a debilitating lack of beliefs – circumstances are temporary. Take purposeful, uplifting action to raise your vibration. Stay anchored in being grateful for what you have.

5. Allowing Abundance to Manifest

As you’ve honed the art of aligning your actions with abundance, it’s crucial to recognize the next step: true abundance is a dance of action and surrender. You’ve set the stage; now, embrace the grace of allowing and receiving the universe’s limitless gifts

Allowing Abundance to Manifest

Letting Go of Timing and Expectations

Avoid assigning rigid timelines for manifestation. Abundance manifests according to divine timing, which may not match your expectations. Practice patience and detach from specific requirements. Your role is to allow, not control, outcomes.

Noticing Signs and Synchronicities

Adopt a beginner’s mindset to notice signs the universe is conspiring on your behalf – repeating number patterns, coincidences, serendipities. See these as guidance. You’re aligned with the divine flow.

Integrating Abundance Daily

Make gratitude, mindfulness, and inspired action lifelong habits, not just temporary practices. Start each day with openness and faith to set the tone for attracting blessings. Even when doubt arises, remember abundance is always available now.

Expanding Beyond Limitations

Examine any lingering scarcity around finances, relationships, and health. Release these limitations through affirmations. Open up to abundance, overflowing those areas in uplifting ways.

Receiving the Outpouring

When you’ve surrendered outcomes and allowed things to unfold, be ready to openly receive the outpouring of abundance headed your way! Say yes to miraculous blessings, large and small. Enjoy the harvest.

Closing Thoughts on Using The Law Of Abundance

We’ve explored powerful, practical principles for harnessing the law of abundance. But information alone is not enough to achieve it. For abundance to create a flow, you must take that first step – then keep taking the next right step.

Don’t let scarcity and negative thinking close you off from all the things the universe wants to offer. You have the power to write a new story. Open up to receive abundance in expected and unexpected ways.

Keep reflecting on all the good things and abundance you already have. Be grateful, act from inspiration, and surrender outcomes. Move forward with curiosity and a beginner’s mind.

Trust that by embracing your true nature of abundance, you allow blessings to multiply in wondrous ways. Have faith in the process.

Abundance is not somewhere out there but right here, ready to emerge in each moment. Will you let it in? The choice is yours. Manifest the abundant life you deserve – today is a new beginning!

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