Plant-Based High-Protein Overnight Oats

Plant-Based High-Protein Overnight Oats: 5 Yummy Recipes (Over 30g Protein)

Are you a fan of overnight oats, eager to explore new ways to elevate your breakfast game? If you’re enthusiastically nodding, you’ve come to the right place! As a holistic nutritionist, I’m thrilled to show you how to infuse your morning routine with the goodness of “plant-based high-protein overnight oats.”

Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast seeking post-workout nourishment or someone who values a wholesome and delicious plant-based start to the day, these recipes have got you covered. Let’s explore the world of these nutritious and delightful plant-based high-protein overnight oats that will fuel your body and energize you for an active and fulfilling lifestyle!

The Power of Plant-Based Proteins

I cannot emphasize enough the incredible power that plant-based proteins hold. These nutritional powerhouses provide a plethora of benefits that align perfectly with our goal of crafting Plant-Based High-Protein Overnight Oats.

Nourishing Your Body with Complete Proteins

Plant-based proteins, sourced from nature’s bounty, offer a treasure trove of essential amino acids necessary for the proper functioning of our bodies.

Contrary to the misconception that plant-based proteins are incomplete, many plant foods, when combined thoughtfully, provide all the amino acids we need. Incorporating various plant-based protein sources like chia seeds, hemp hearts, and nuts into your high-protein overnight oats ensures your body receives a balanced amino acid profile, promoting overall well-being.

Supporting Muscle Health and Recovery

Plant-based proteins are essential for muscle health and recovery, especially if you’re active or work out regularly. Whether you’re an athlete or just enjoy staying fit, the protein-packed goodness of plant-based ingredients in your overnight oats can help optimize muscle function. This not only aids in recovery but also ensures you can perform at your best.

As someone who enjoys running, I found that adding chia seeds and almonds to my overnight oats made a noticeable difference in my recovery. I felt less muscle soreness and more energy for my next run. Incorporating these plant-based proteins into my diet has truly enhanced my performance and well-being.

Gentle on Digestion and Heart-Friendly

Unlike some animal-based proteins that can be taxing on the digestive system, plant-based proteins are generally easier to digest. They promote a gentle and efficient breakdown of nutrients, reducing the risk of discomfort and bloating. Additionally, the inclusion of plant-based proteins in your diet can contribute to heart health by providing valuable nutrients like fiber and healthy fats that support cardiovascular function.

A Sustainable Choice for the Planet

As a holistic nutritionist, sustainability is a crucial aspect of our approach to nourishment. Choosing plant-based proteins in our overnight oats aligns beautifully with eco-conscious eating.

Plant-based foods generally have a lower carbon footprint, require less water, and help preserve our precious natural resources. By opting for plant-based high-protein overnight oats, you contribute to the well-being of both your body and the planet.

Embracing a Wholesome and Balanced Diet

In the quest for overall wellness, a balanced diet is key. Plant-based proteins bring a sense of harmony to your meals, complementing the complex carbohydrates from oats in your overnight oats.

This balanced combination provides sustained energy levels, steady blood sugar, and prolonged satiety, making it an excellent choice for a nourishing and fulfilling breakfast to kickstart your day on the right note.

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How to Make Plant-Based High-Protein Overnight Oats

This chapter will focus specifically on crafting a plant-based high-protein base for your overnight oats. As you’ve already familiarized yourself with the fundamentals of overnight oats through my “Beginner’s Guide to Overnight Oats” we’ll dive straight into the key elements that make these oats a protein-packed powerhouse.

If you haven’t checked out my beginner’s guide yet, I highly recommend doing so for a comprehensive understanding of overnight oats and their numerous benefits.

Step 1: Opt for Protein-Rich Oats

To create a plant-based high-protein overnight oats base, select high-quality oats. Steel-cut oats, rolled oats, or oat groats are excellent choices as they offer more protein compared to instant oats. These oats provide a solid foundation for your high-protein adventure.

Step 2: Choose the Right Plant-Based Milk

The liquid base is a crucial component of your high-protein overnight oats. Swap traditional dairy milk for a plant-based milk like almond, soy, or oat milk. Not only are these options lactose-free and gentle on digestion, but they also add an extra dose of plant-based protein to your oats, making them even more nourishing and satisfying. Make sure to check out my article on how to make your own nut milk at home.

Step 3: Boost with Plant-Based Protein Sources

Now, it’s time to elevate the protein content of your overnight oats. You can use plant-based protein powder or incorporate plant-based protein sources such as chia seeds, hemp hearts, or ground flaxseeds. These mighty additions not only enhance the nutritional profile but also impart a delightful texture and nutty flavor to your oats.

Step 4: Balance with Flavor Enhancers

For a touch of sweetness and added nutrients, consider natural flavor enhancers like mashed bananas, grated apples, or a drizzle of pure maple syrup. These natural alternatives complement the plant-based high-protein foundation while keeping the overall taste profile wholesome and delightful.

Step 5: Customize with Toppings

As a final flourish, add an array of delicious toppings to your plant-based, high-protein overnight oats. Go for a mix of nuts, seeds, and fresh fruits to add crunch, color, and an extra boost of nutrients. Almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, and berries are fantastic choices, but feel free to get creative and personalize your toppings to suit your taste preferences.

With this specially crafted plant-based high-protein overnight oats base, you’re well on your way to a breakfast that’s both nourishing and energizing.

5 Plant-Based High-Protein Overnight Oats Recipes

As a holistic nutritionist, I’ve carefully crafted these protein-packed delights to kickstart your day and make for a satisfying snack anytime you need a quick boost. With the goodness of plant-based ingredients, each recipe offers over 30g of protein per serving, giving you the energy you need to stay active and fulfilled.

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High-Protein Nutty Powerhouse

1/2 cup rolled oats: 150 calories, 5g protein

1 cup Good Karma Unsweetened Flax Milk + Protein: Approximately 60 calories, 8g protein

2 tablespoons hemp hearts: 90 calories, 7g protein

2 tablespoons chia seeds: 120 calories, 4g protein

1 tablespoon flaxseeds: 37 calories, 1.3g protein

1 tablespoon pumpkin seeds: 47 calories, 2g protein

1 tablespoon sunflower seeds: 50 calories, 2g protein

1 tablespoon chopped walnuts: 48 calories, 1.9g protein

1 tablespoon chopped almonds: 49 calories, 2.5g protein

1 pitted date (instead of honey): Approximately 20-25 calories, 0.2g protein

Total Calories: 633 calories

Total Protein: 36g

Banana Chocolate Protein Boost

1/2 cup rolled oats: 150 calories, 5g protein

1 cup soy milk (unsweetened): 100 calories, 7g protein (approximate average)

1 medium ripe banana, mashed: 105 calories, 1.3g protein

1 scoop Truvani Chocolate Protein Powder: 120 calories, 20g protein

1 tablespoon chia seeds: 58 calories, 1.9g protein (approximately)

Total Calories: 533 calories

Total Protein: 35g

Protein-Packed Berry Bliss Overnight Oats

1/2 cup rolled oats: 150 calories, 5g protein

1 cup unsweetened almond milk: 45 calories, 1g protein (average)

1 medium ripe banana, mashed: 105 calories, 1.3g protein

1 scoop plant-based protein powder (your preferred fruity flavor):
110 calories, 22.5g protein (average)

1/4 cup sliced strawberries: 15 calories, 0.3g protein (average)

1/4 cup blueberries: 20 calories, 0.2g protein (average)

1 tablespoon chia seeds: 58 calories, 1.9g protein (approximate)

Total Calories: 503 calories

Total Protein: 32g

Vanilla Almond Protein Boost

1/2 cup rolled oats: 150 calories, 5g protein

1 cup unsweetened almond milk: 45 calories, 1g protein (average)

1 medium ripe banana, mashed: 105 calories, 1.3g protein

1 scoop plant-based protein powder (your preferred fruity flavor):
110 calories, 22.5g protein (average)

1 tablespoon almond butter: 98 calories, 3g protein

1 tablespoon chia seeds: 58 calories, 1.9g protein (approximate)

1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract: Negligible calories and protein

Total Calories: 566 calories

Total Protein: 35g

Peanut Butter Chocolate Protein Delight

1/2 cup rolled oats: 150 calories, 5g protein

1 cup unsweetened almond milk: 45 calories, 1g protein (average)

1 medium ripe banana, mashed: 105 calories, 1.3g protein

1 scoop plant-based protein powder (your preferred fruity flavor):
110 calories, 22.5g protein (average)

2 tablespoons natural peanut butter (unsweetened): 190 calories, 8g protein (average)

1 tablespoon chia seeds: 58 calories, 1.9g protein (approximate)

Total Calories: 658 calories

Total Protein: 40g

Must-Have Plant-Based High-Protein Overnight Oats Essentials from Amazon

As an overnight oats enthusiast, I’m thrilled to share with you the key to making the most delightful and nourishing plant-based high-protein overnight oats—my secret lies in sourcing the best ingredients, all conveniently available on Amazon.

For me, it’s all about buying in bulk and opting for high-quality organic options with no added ingredients. So, let’s dive into my handpicked selection of organic oats, seeds, nuts, and dried fruits from Amazon that form the backbone of my exceptional overnight oats creations.

Organic Oats

To kickstart your morning with the perfect texture and taste, I recommend these top-notch organic oat varieties that never fail to impress:

  1. Anthony’s Organic Rolled Oats – Trust me, these rolled oats are pure heaven! They’re sourced from reliable organic farms, and their chewy texture works like magic in your high-protein overnight oats. Buy here.
  1. Great River Organic Milling Steel Cut Oats – Looking for heartier and nuttier flavors? These steel-cut oats are your go-to choice to keep you energized all day long. Buy here.
  1. One Degree Organic Foods Sprouted Quick Oats – Short on time but still want a nutritious breakfast? These sprouted quick oats are here to save the day! Buy here.
Choosing the Right Oats

Organic Seeds

Add a protein-packed punch and essential nutrients to your oats with these organic seeds that take your breakfast to the next level:

  1. Terrasoul Superfoods Organic Black Chia Seeds – Tiny but mighty! These chia seeds are packed with omega-3 fatty acids and fiber, giving your oats a delightful crunch. Buy here.
  1. Manitoba Harvest Organic Hemp Seeds – Get ready for a nutty flavor explosion! Hemp seeds add a satisfying texture to your oats and a nutritious boost. Buy here.
  1. Be Still Farms Organic Raw Sunflower Seeds – Here’s a sunny twist to your oats! These sunflower seeds are rich in vitamins and minerals, making your breakfast even more delightful. Buy here.

Organic Nuts

For that satisfying crunch and a burst of flavor, you’ll want to include these organic nuts in your high-protein overnight oats:

  1. Braga Organic Farms Organic Whole Almonds – Creamy and wholesome, these almonds provide a perfect balance to your oats. Buy here.
  1. Jiva Organics Raw Organic Cashews – Butter up your oats! Cashews bring rich and creamy goodness to your breakfast bowl. Buy here.
  1. Island Harvest Unsalted Organic Macadamia Nuts – Elevate your oats with a touch of luxury! Macadamia nuts lend a unique and delectable flavor. Buy here.
  1. Terrasoul Superfoods Organic Raw Whole Cashews – Enjoy a nutty adventure with these cashews, a wholesome source of healthy fats. Buy here.
  1. Beyond Nature Organic Raw Walnuts – Dive into the goodness of walnuts, providing a delightful crunch and an array of nutrients. Buy here.)

Organic Dried Fruit

While incorporating fresh fruits into your oats is undoubtedly a fantastic choice, some fruits, such as mulberries or goji berries, are rarely available fresh. That’s where dried fruits come to the rescue, providing a convenient and delicious alternative, especially when certain fruits are out of season. These organic dried fruits are guaranteed to elevate your breakfast game:

  1. Anthony’s Organic White Mulberries – Antioxidant-rich and subtly sweet, these mulberries are a perfect addition to your morning oats. Buy here
  1. Viva Naturals Organic Dried Mulberries – Embrace the honey-like flavor of dried mulberries, a delightful treat for your taste buds. Buy here
  1. Organic Sun-Dried Pitted Dates – Experience the luscious caramel taste of dates, adding a touch of natural sweetness to your oats. Buy here

Organic Nut Butters

As a mindful consumer and a passionate advocate of a healthy lifestyle, I prioritize brands that offer pure organic nut butters without added oils, salts, or sugars. These nutrient-dense options will elevate your high-protein overnight oats and support your well-being.

  1. Once Again Organic Creamy Peanut Butter– A classic favorite, this creamy peanut butter brings rich flavor and a protein-packed punch to your overnight oats. Buy here
  2. Philosopher Foods Sprouted Almond Butter – Enjoy the wholesome goodness of sprouted almonds in this creamy almond butter, adding a nutty twist and extra protein to your overnight oats. Buy here
  3. Artisana Organics Raw Cashew Butter – Indulge in the velvety smoothness of raw cashew butter, providing a delicate buttery essence to your plant-based oats. Buy here

Plant-Based Protein Powders

When it comes to plant-based protein powders, I prioritize products with clean ingredients that align with my commitment to a healthy lifestyle. I opt for brands that offer pure and organic formulations without added oils, salts, or sugars.

This ensures that my breakfast is not only packed with protein but also crafted with wholesome and nourishing ingredients. Here are some of my favorite plant-based protein powders that perfectly complement the goodness of my overnight oats:

  1. Truvani Plant-Based Protein Powder – This brand is known for its commitment to using clean and organic ingredients free from artificial flavors, sweeteners, preservatives, and other synthetic additives. Their protein comes from organic peas, coconuts, and chia seeds, providing a well-rounded amino acid profile. Buy here
  1. EarthChimp Organic Vegan Protein Powder – A brand that offers a natural and balanced taste and beneficial botanical ingredients without added sugars, gums, soya, or artificial additives. Buy here
  2. Manitoba Harvest Hemp Yeah! – made solely from organic hemp seeds, providing a rich source of high-quality protein, essential fatty acids, and dietary fiber. It contains no additives, fillers, or artificial ingredients, making it a pure and clean choice for individuals seeking a natural and nutritious protein supplement. Buy here

Fuel Your Active Lifestyle with Plant-Based High-Protein Overnight Oats

Plant-based high-protein overnight oats offer a delightful and nourishing way to fuel an active lifestyle. By incorporating various plant-based protein sources like chia seeds, hemp hearts, and nuts, these overnight oats provide a balanced amino acid profile to support muscle health, post-workout recovery, and heart function. Plant-based proteins also align with sustainable eating practices, benefiting individuals and the planet.

You can enjoy a wholesome and balanced breakfast for sustained energy and satiety with these specially crafted recipes and curated organic ingredients from Amazon. Embrace the goodness of nature’s bounty and elevate your breakfast game for a fulfilling and active lifestyle.


Can you freeze overnight oats?

Yes, you can freeze overnight oats for convenient future meals. When ready to eat, simply thaw them in the refrigerator or microwave, and add any additional toppings or fresh ingredients as desired.

What Is The Best Milk For Overnight Oats?

The best milk for overnight oats largely depends on personal preference, dietary needs, and desired consistency. However, almond milk and cow’s milk are popular choices due to their creamy textures and neutral flavors, but other options like oat milk, coconut milk, and soy milk are also commonly used for varied tastes and dietary considerations.