The Truth About Holistic Transformation

⭐🙏 Let's have some real talk about Holistic Transformation and Soul Growth! 🙏⭐

I've seen this movement on social media in the past few years where everybody talks about reaching one big goal or finding your life-changing purpose that changes the world.

They talk about accomplishing these things so that you can finally be happy. Don't get me wrong, it's fantastic to achieve goals.

But in my experience, this is not what life (and happiness) is about AT ALL.

It's about growth and expansion and learning how to enjoy the journey you're on. 🦋

Tuning into what you really want and getting curious about all the different methods and tools out there.

Approaching everything with the willingness to be honest to yourself and listening to your heart.

Being open to "do the work" so you can shed the layers that are holding you back from being able to see clearly.

To be honest, when I started my transformation journey 9 years ago, I didn't have one big dream. I just wanted to feel better - on so many levels.

Everything else just unfolded step by step...

It was about learning how to…

➡️ Embrace and regulate my emotions

➡️ Parent my inner child

➡️ Make peace with the past

➡️ Love myself unconditionally

➡️ Create healthy relationships

➡️ Feel confident around people without "taking the edge off" with an alcoholic beverage

➡️ Create healthy habits that support my values and goals

➡️ Be aware of what I put in my body

➡️ Give my body what it needs (acceptance, nourishment, movement, etc.)

➡️ Make conscious choices that are aligned with my values

➡️ Let go of deeply ingrained behavioral patterns & thought patterns

➡️ Own and speak my truth

➡️ Trust myself and the universe (spoiler alert: you ARE the universe)

➡️ Understand that transforming my life isn't about just focusing on ONE thing - it's about looking at the body, soul, and mind (-> holistic transformation!)

…and the most important thing:

⭐✨ Open myself up to receiving support!✨

Support and guidance came to me in many different forms: books, support groups, online courses, YouTube videos, energy healers, fitness instructors, shamans, mentors, coaches, and so much more.

What made the biggest impact in my life was (and still is) working with people who are a few steps ahead and have already gone through the things that were present for me in each phase of my journey.

I love working with coaches who show up with love and integrity and hold space for my transformation. Feeling this love, support and guidance are life-changing and I'm tearing up typing this. The gratitude I feel charges up my whole body.

So, why I am telling you this?

Because I want the same for you! 😭✨❤️

I want you to see that it's not about reaching a goal or "fixing" yourself.

You are already perfect the way you are.

Now it's just about reconnecting to your higher self and rediscovering your true self so that you can shine the way you are meant to shine. Part of that journey is peeling off some layers, taking some action, and getting out of your comfort zone. And yes, that can be uncomfortable.

I invite you to give yourself permission to ask for support and maybe work with a soul-led coach that can hold you, guide you, and inspire you on YOUR journey back to YOU! 🥳

If my energy resonates with you, I'd be honored to chat more to find out how I can support you. Just reply to this email. If you need anything specific right now that I can't help you with, I am happy to give you some ideas, resources, or recommendations for other coaches!