Transformation is a Journey

I remember the days when I couldn't even get up, take a shower and get dressed.

Everything was too much. I felt

depressed and anxious and just wanted to hide. I didn't even know what I'm hiding from. I just felt overwhelmed. Scared. Emotionally paralyzed.

You know what? I still have days like this - feeling all these emotions. We all do.

Over time I've learned how to feel what I need to feel without feeding my emotions with my thoughts.

Emotions are just energy in motion. It only gets tricky when we resist them or attach a lot of meaning to them and create stories that don't serve us.

Yes, emotions can be uncomfortable but they are like waves that come and go, and it’s important not to let yourself be pulled along with the tide.

Feel your emotions. Value them. Locate them in your body. Breathe. Thank them. And then ask yourself what you can do to feel a little bit better. You know the answers. Your mind might tell you "I can't!" and that's OK.

DO IT ANYWAY. Just start small and build up some momentum. Sometimes my biggest struggle (and most powerful action step) was to get up and get dressed. Afterwards, I always felt a little bit better and inspired to take another small, self-loving action step. And then another one... Life is journey. Transformation is a journey. Step by step...