I’ve been reflecting on the topic of speaking my truth for a long time and had some interesting epiphanies in the past few days that I want to share with you.

I’ve always been an advocate for talking about what works and what I believe in versus pointing out or speaking against the things I don’t believe in. I know that whatever we focus on grows. That’s why I consciously chose to focus on the good things and I talk about what I love and what I want to see.

However, I’m at a point where I would act against my soul's desire if I stayed silent and didn't spread some awareness. There has been so much noise from so-called coaches or mentors who haven’t walked the walk and are suggesting that “all you have to do is focus on the good” and your life will magically turn around.

I perceive this as a dangerous and ignorant approach. I know that this perspective often stems from their own inability to face reality and I have a lot of compassion for that. It’s so much easier to think that you don’t have to do the work and can “believe your way out of it” instead.

Don’t get me wrong, I am an expert in manifesting and working with energy. I am deeply connected to source, and I am living proof that the law of attraction works. But I have also “done the work”. I have uncovered old wounds and beliefs, worked with therapists, coaches and mentors, faced my fears and changed my habits. I cried, I fell, I got back up. Many times. Overall, I grew and I’m still growing.

Do I think we attract what we focus on? Absolutely! Does that mean we should ignore everything else and pretend it isn’t there so that we don’t have to deal with it? I don’t think so. That’s just resisting reality.

We don’t create our desired reality by blocking off what we don't want to see. It might work temporarily but refusing to see the whole picture is just blatant ignorance and won’t lead to a soul-aligned life.

You can’t block off old wounds or trauma or transform your life overnight by meditating ten times a day or endlessly repeating positive affirmations.

You can’t justify unhealthy relationships by looking at the bright side and ignoring the rest.

You can’t ignore your body’s screaming signals and keep focusing on the parts of your body that aren’t screaming.

You can’t ignore your empty bank account, focus on the purchases you made with your credit card and pretend you are wealthy.

Be willing to see everything that is. Be honest with yourself. Don’t judge anything. Just observe and take note.

Maybe there is an old wound that needs attention, or a fear that needs to be heard.

Maybe you are resisting the truth about your relationship (no matter if it’s a romantic, platonic or professional relationship) because you are afraid to let go.

Maybe you haven’t been taking good care of your body and it’s time to do something about it..

Maybe you made poor financial decisions and it’s time to clean up the mess, take responsibility and make better choices.

You can’t make any lasting change if you aren’t willing to look at what is first. Once you see the truth, you can dig deeper, invite clarity and set an intention to change what needs to be changed.

This is how your holistic transformational journey starts. I know that working with energy and focusing on what you want to see is definitely a big part of it. But you have to start where you are and be completely honest with yourself. Running away from uncomfortable emotions, or just pretending "everything is fine, won't work.

I cringe, when I hear somebody say "just ignore it and focus on the good". Please. Don't. Ignore. Anything. Embrace whatever shows up. If it doesn't feel good, look at it and take the steps needed to let go it or transform it.

It's OK if you need support. We all do. You got this!