Rediscover Your True Self

A 6 or 12-week Soul-Aligned Transformation Journey

Through 1:1 Coaching


If you found your way to this page, your soul is probably longing for some guidance on your journey back to who you really are. I'm so happy you are here.


Before I tell you more about this
1:1 coaching series, let me remind you:

Everything you need is already within you.


I am here to remind you of your own magic so that you can illuminate your path and reawaken your inner light!

Whether you are beginning your transformational journey or are well on your way, you most likely have noticed a frustrating truth.


Even when armed with all the right books and a carefully-formulated game plan, the path to achieving your truest self is far from straight. You undergo emotional ups and downs, reach unexpected pitfalls, and periodically become lost. 

What if you could learn how to enjoy the flow of life, trust the universe, and experience more alignment?


You will feel inspired, guided, connected, and fulfilled.


There aren't certain methods or tools that work for everybody. That's why I will intuitively guide you on YOUR individual journey with the tools and support that are right for YOU.  No cookie-cutter strategies or forcing actions on you that seem to be a good choice in theory but don't feel good for YOU.


You will get all my knowledge and I will act as a tuning fork to help you rewire your consciousness to what your soul already knows.

Your soul knows what's best for you and during our weekly conversations, you will learn how to tune into your wisdom and take consistent soul-aligned action.

You will reconnect with YOUR truth and rediscover your true self.


The right practical and energetic guidance helps you listen to the all-important messages your soul has been telling you while helping you recognize other vital messages that are not always clear.


With my help, you will maintain a clear vision and stay committed to your path KNOWING you have made the right decision to CHOOSE YOU.

​What's included?


  • 6 or 12 weekly 60-minute phone sessions

  • Access to me via WhatsApp/Email in between sessions so that you’ll always feel supported

  • Practical tips and tools to help you navigate your journey.

  • Intuitive guidance and energy work.

  • Heartstorming sessions to formulate action steps for your unique situation.

  • Accountability measures to keep you moving toward experiencing TRUE soul expansion.

  • Cheerleading to give you the important motivation you need to clear unexpected obstacles.

  • Roadmap for creating healthy habits to help make the journey easier and more effective.




One-time payment of $2,900


One-time payment of $1,600

- payment plans available -

Does it feel like this 6 or 12-week coaching series is exactly what you need? Are you ready to commit to your transformation?

Fill out the application now and if you are a good match for this program, we'll spend the next weeks elevating your life.


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